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teacher deskNAE Staff and email


Name: Position: Email:
Kilee Sowa Principal Email
Patty Nordyke Office Manager Email
Ruth Weldon Kindergarten Email
Westanna Adams Kindergarten Email
Lisa Bowman Kindergarten Email
Lisa Lange 1st Grade Email
Melissa Johnson 1st Grade Email
Jaime Willoughby 2nd Grade Email
Jacque Thwaite 2nd Grade Email
Janeen Tope-Lehn 3rd Grade Email
Mari Hanson 3rd Grade Email
Megan Louber 4th Grade Email
Cassie Smith 4th Grade Email
Debbie Blaine 5th Grade Email
Craig Koontz 5th Grade Email
Elizabeth Walburn SSC Email
Jana Pierce Instr. Coach & MTSS Spec. Email
Lidia Hernandez Resource Email
Suzanne Kesterson Speech Email
Amber Cross Social Worker Email
Jennifer Crow Dean of Students Email
David Johnston Music Email
Danae Stanfield PE Email

If you have issues with access to teacher’s emails it might be how your default email is set up. Please use this link to help with that issue.